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God is making a difference in peoples' lives, and we invite you to join our community of Rippl-ers. Each person is on a journey called Life, and at Ripple we would like to hear your story. There is always the next step each of us can take to fill our lives with healthy, loving and positive relationships that we all know are possible. Ripple gatherings focus on moving toward Jesus as our center, and the Bible helps us discover practical and surprising ways to do this. We are an informal, diverse and caring group of people of all ages, and we look forward to meeting you.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


A person steps up to our bread table on the sidewalk outside the church with a middle school age boy by his side asking about what’s happening. I share the story about the food that is for sharing with those in the community. I ask the young man if he might be interested in helping get the word out in the neighborhood about Ripple's Christmas party in 4 weeks. He lights up and says "sure". I find out he lives only a few houses up the street. I asked that he get permission from his mom and I only turned around for a minute and there was his mom and older sister. I explained the Christmas party idea and asked if they might be willing to help. Mom said her children wanted to help.

We need the people in this community and want them to know that this is their church -here for their community. There is a connection with this family and I take them on a tour and ask what kind of things they like doing. Kristy says she would like to put together a Christmas play with friends. Macho say he'd hand out invites and likes to cook.

One interesting point - they have not heard the Christmas story of Jesus birth. I pull a Good News Bible off the shelf and we read the Mathew and Luke story for the first time. Kristy begins making a list of Characters and Macho realizes he has heard parts of this story and he'd like to be a wise man. Mom and I exchange phone numbers and promise to be in touch. Kristy takes the Bible home to read more of the story and wants to know when practice can start.
Wow- what just happened? Connections? The Holy Spirit? The Christmas story being heard fresh and new, the incarnation happens again in this advent season.

What will come of this- who knows? I have learned to hold things lightly. Scatter seeds. We see some sprout.

The bread is gone from the table and I am full.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

You have to start somewhere so why not here and why not today?

I have been asked to blog by some of you (you know who you are) and I have been putting it off. Why? - because it feels risky - sharing myself and my stories like this. Because it feels like another thing to add to my to do list and I don't need more on that list, because I am a lousy editor. Blogging feels monumental- like beginning to build your own house or start out on a journey. Am I ready for this? NO.

But here it goes because I realize most of these stories are not mine - they belong to God and to Ripple Fellowship. I'm not sure where the boundaries will lie between my stuff and Ripples but here is the story that pushed me over the edge into this blog.

We meet for church, Ripple, Fellowship every Sunday at 4pm in Allentown and you never know what is going to happen if you hang out there for an hour or so. I walked to church today- what a great day- the sun; warmth and flurry of leaves made it an amazing fall day. So many people were out on their porches saying hello or not. Washing cars, painting windows and I see a few people out in front of the church as I walk up the block- their waves are encouraging and I am glad to see them. I enjoy my time out on the sidewalk. "What are you doing today at Ripple they ask- something new I say- men’s and women’s groups. "A place to talk and be listened to - we are studying Jesus the Good Shepherd in John 10". "Will you have food?" someone asks? "Yes" I say "and the bread will be here soon and there is always coffee and sweets". People help get the table out front and someone puts up the Ripple signs. "When is the food pantry pastor" is a frequently asked question- “here next week is the reply"- “OK”, I hear and a few people leave. Then...

More tomorrow…